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Reporting investments has become more complex, so we are pleased to announce, our new value-added services focused on the tax compliance needs of everyday investors.

IRS Exams & Appeals

The IRS and states are turning up the heat on traders, the rich, offshore and more. The best people to have in your corner are our CPAs and tax attorneys. We just won another big IRS exam on trader tax (testimonial).

Retirement Plans

A married couple filing as business traders can save an additional $10,000 to $17,000 with tax deductions for individual 401(k) retirement plans and family health insurance premiums. Learn the DOs and DON’Ts of using IRAs and other retirement plans in trading activities and alternative investments.

Trader Tax Return Checkup

We take a quick look over your tax returns and list our comments, questions, errors, corrections and areas for improvement. For just $99, you can sleep better at night.



Rogert Green, Mindy Bartholomew

Green, Neuschwander, Manning & Bartholomew


We specialize in business retail traders, proprietary traders, investment managers, active investors and casual investors.

Tax Compliance (Preparation/Planning)

Very few tax professionals in the country specialize in serving business traders. We are the leading firm -- read why you should consider us this tax season. Tax savings start at around $8,000 and only go up! We have the best client testimonials in the business.


Do you qualify for trader tax status? Should you elect mark-to-market accounting? Can you benefit from an entity? Our answers usually save our clients thousands of dollars. Promotion: $25-off on initial consultation with Robert Green, CPA

Trader Entities

Q1 is an excellent time to form a trading business entity. Arrange deductions for health insurance premiums and retirement plans. Avoid wash sales with IRAs. Gain flexibility on tax treatment elections. Plus, it looks much better to the IRS for claiming trader-tax-status business expenses.

TradeLog Accounting

With brokers providing confusing and sometimes unreliable Form 1099-Bs for securities, many traders want our CPAs to review their TradeLog data files. We often make vital adjustments, beneficial changes in tax treatment, and corrections to wash sales reported by brokers. It's important to get the IRS Form 8949 right. Testimonial.

Investment Management

We offer investment management clients useful content on taxes, development, accounting, assurance, and compliance. Our CPA firm Green NFH, LLC focuses on providing tax compliance services to funds, managers and traders. We offer assurance services in conjunction with a leading assurance firm.

Trader Tax Status Determination

If you have a lot riding on “trader tax status,” but you’re a “close call” on qualifying for it.


GreenTraderTax Guides

Green's 2014 Trader Tax Guide is all new and is our best ever! 2014 GreenTraderTax Guides: 2013 Tax Return Examples for Securities Traders and separate examples guide for commodities, futures and forex/currency traders. Our Premium Webinar recordings are a great addition to our guides.




If you are a securities trader, we highly recommend our TradeLog® software. 1099-Bs from securities brokers are complex and confusing over the cost-basis reporting rules, and they are still not adequate for tax reporting. Securities traders will struggle with IRS tax form 8949, unless they use TradeLog®.


Many Webinars in March

Highlighted Recent Recordings:

*Entities & Retirement Plans for Traders
*Trader Tax Law Update: Current Developments
*2013 Tax Reporting & 2014 Planning
*Forex Taxation
*Audits of Performance Records
*Kick-Off to 2013 Tax-Filings for Traders
*ObamaCare taxes are starting to affect traders
*The Tax Court Was Right To Deny Endicott Trader Tax Status
* Investment management: Key updates
*Learn the DOs and DON’Ts of using IRAs and other retirement plans

Trader Tax Center

Tax Newsletter & Calculators

Highlights (see the full archive):

Mar 27: Protect yourself from market losses with a Section 475 MTM election Read More

Mar 25: IRS guidance on bitcoin transactions will chill its use Read More

Mar 24: SEC Large Trader Reporting Rule Read More

Feb. 27: Another trader tax court loss (Assaderaghi) Read More

Feb. 1: Net investment tax details Read More

Jan 14: New IRS guidance on SE tax deductions affects partnership AGI-deduction strategies. Read More

Jan 9: A major tax reform bill in 2014 is unlikely, and “tax extenders” may be history, too. Read More

Jan 7: Kick off to 2013 tax filings for traders. Read More

Dec 4: IRS final regulations for Net Investment Tax help traders. Read More

Dec 3: Bitcoin is a hot commodity, but is it taxed like commodities, assets, or currencies? Read More

Nov 15: Another non-business trader gets busted in tax court trying to cheat the IRS. Read More

Nov 6: Hedge fund investors depend on “assurance” from quality independent CPA firms. Read More

Oct 29: ObamaCare taxes are starting to affect traders. Read More

Sept 15: Not Easy For New Yorkers To Escape Big Apple's Tax Bite. Read More

August 30: The Tax Court Was Right To Deny Endicott Trader Tax Status Read More

August 18: Common trader tax mistakes Read More

July 24: Learn the DOs and DON’Ts of using IRAs and other retirement plans in trading activities and alternative investments Read More

March 31: PFG investors can deduct theft losses on 2012 tax returns with Rev. Proc. 2009-20 safe harbor relief. That’s great news! Read More

March 5: Caution, downloading securities Form 1099-Bs into TurboTax often leads to incorrect tax filings Read More

Sept 5: High-income traders and ObamaCare’s 3.8% Medicare tax Read More

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