Green & Company, Inc. owns and it's a sales, marketing and publishing company. The company markets and sells the professional services of Green NFH, LLC, our affiliated CPA firm. Green & Company also markets and sells our self-published trader tax guides, trader tax software and advertising. We seek growth in all these areas.

  • Marketing & Sales Coordinator Position

    We are seeking someone who will work closely with Robert A. Green, CEO (and Managing Member of Green NFH, LLC) and Mindy Bartholomew, Business Development & Customer Experience Specialist. We generate and self-publish lots of content, run promotions and offer paid consultations, all leading to full-service engagements executed by our affiliate CPA firm Green NFH, LLC.

    We form partnerships with other firms in the industry (brokers, trading schools, data providers, etc.) and actively use the latest tools like CRM, Webinars, blogs, social media and more. We're looking for an intelligent self-starter (or team), someone who is highly experienced in sales and marketing to help plan and execute our needs in this crucial area. Experience in the trading industry is preferred. We're looking for someone who is entrepreneurial, creative, independent and highly capable with hardware, software and sales and marketing tools. We need a great salesperson who can close the "right" engagements. This person will work virtually from home, staying closely connected and reporting on accomplishments daily. This may be a fulltime or a part-time job depending on the candidate and roles performed. We offer excellent compensation.

    For more details on what this job entails, see Association for Accounting Marketing — Marketing & Sales Roles. Our CPA firm is considered a "small firm" - but national and virtual - and we aim to grow to a medium-size firm.

    Please e-mail your resume and interest to Robert A. Green, CPA at

Green NFH, LLC - our CPA firm

  • CPA - Tax Compliance for U.S. Residents Abroad and Non-Resident Aliens

    We're seeking a CPA in the trader tax compliance area with extensive experience in international tax matters to work closely with Deborah King, CPA and our international tax attorneys Mark Feldman and Roger Lorence.

    We have many clients who are U.S. residents abroad. Also, non-resident aliens often want to form an entity in the U.S. for their trading or investment management activities. We are building a global network of tax firms, so we can refer U.S. residents moving to Canada, UK, Puerto Rico and other places to a firm in that country. We all work together on global tax planning, with our firm handling U.S. tax compliance.

    This candidate must be very experienced with FBARs and IRS OVDI, foreign tax forms (2555, 1116, 8938, 5471, 5472, 8858, 8865 and 1040NR), offshore hedge funds and PFIC, FCC, check-the-box on disregarded entities, tax treaties, U.S. possessions, foreign tax planning and more. Full or part-time job.

    Please e-mail your resume and interest to Darren L. Neuschwander, CPA at

  • CPA - Trader Tax Compliance

    Our CPA firm Green NFH, LLC is currently seeking additional CPAs at all staff levels in our thriving trader tax practice area. These jobs primarily entail tax compliance/preparation and reviews for business retail traders, proprietary traders, advisors, investors (all around the country) and non-traders, too. You will also become an expert in TradeLog accounting software and perform accounting services. Our firm is the nationwide leader in the trader tax marketplace.

    Our tax compliance operation is consolidated and run from Alabama under Managing Member Darren L. Neuschwander, CPA. We are a virtual operation using cloud computing, so it's easy to operate from your own home or outside office anywhere in the U.S. If you are local, you can work in our Alabama office building. Front- and back-end processing for tax compliance work is handled in Alabama by administrative personnel and CPAs. We provide full-scale training in trader tax and our best practices. (We would like to add a CPA on the West Coast, preferably located in California.)

    • Can perform the tasks associated with this job from their own home office anywhere in the U.S.
    • Experience with investment tax issues.
    • More than three years of strong public accounting firm experience in tax preparation (please do not send your resume if you do not have this experience).
    • Bachelor's or master's degree in Accounting, Business, Finance or related field, and three to five years experience providing traditional accounting, auditing and consulting functions or related experience.
    • Certified Public Accounting designation and currently licensed in your home state with your CPE up to date.
    • Ability to communicate and work effectively.
    • Excellent project management skills.
    • Strong teamwork skills.
    • Advanced computer and Internet skills. Understanding the value of our virtual business model.
    • Your own home office and broadband Internet connection.

    Our jobs are exciting and add to your value as a cutting-edge professional. We offer competitive compensation. Simply login to our server from any computer and you have full access to our secure virtual office. This saves you the hassle of commuting and being restricted to local employers only, and gives you access to clients all around the country. Plus it's great working from your own home! Don't worry, there is plenty of communication with other professionals in our company.

    Please e-mail your resume and interest to Darren L. Neuschwander, CPA at

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