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Education Center: We are proud to provide the most detailed and informative Education Center for Traders on the Internet. Stay current with our Trader Tax Center, blog and Webinars to start.

GreenTraderTax Guides: Thousands of traders purchase our annual GreenTraderTax Guides to learn every trader tax law inside out and how to take advantage of them in the best tax-wise manner. Our guides show traders exactly how to file their own tax returns; they are packed with trader tax return examples (all different scenarios) and line-by-line guidance. Our Education Center is good, but if you have some big tax refunds on the line, you should step-up to our GreenTraderTax Guides. For sure the money you save will pay the cost many times over.

Trade Accounting Services: Accounting for securities trades can be a real headache and many traders are lost when it comes to accurately determining their trading gains and losses either subject to wash sale reporting or mark-to-market accounting. Online and direct-access brokerage firm reports (for capital gains and losses) are often not good enough to include with trader tax returns. Taxpayers must account for wash sales across all accounts including IRAs, and no broker can do that with their profit and loss reports. Hyper-active traders should use good off-the-shelf software for trade accounting. But even that is still not good enough. We also recommend that our professionals review and reconcile your trade accounting program results. We will tackle many nuances in trader tax, complex tax treatment, override program treatment when appropriate, and tie it all into an excellent trader tax return. Make any misstep along the way and the consequences can be huge!

Entity Accounting Services: With trade accounting for securities best handled by a separate accounting solution like TradeLog or Gainskeeper, traders don't need a general ledger accounting solution. We suggest traders use our GTT Tracker for single-entry accounting of expenses.

GTT Tracker: Our new GTT Tracker, designed by GreenTraderTax/GreenNFH and built by Deductr is accounting software and a smartphone app that is excellent for tracking expenses, time and documenting qualification for trader tax status (TTS). Flush out and document every tax deduction and win with the IRS if you ever get audited.

Tax Services: For you "do-it-yourselfers," kudos to you, you probably can do a good enough job on your trader tax returns (and other trader matters) using our GreenTraderTax Guides. But for the majority of traders, they are "selling themselves short" by not taking advantage of our tax savings ideas and tax reporting strategies, first hand. We have never had a client that did not save more in taxes from our compliance (preparation and planning) work then the cost of our fees. So in a sense, Uncle Sam is paying us, not you. You deserve a tax break today, so hire us this tax season to do your tax dirty work.

Full Solution: Our goal is to make your tax life easy. We have crafted a full solution with our alliance partners that bridge you from brokerage firm to trade accounting software to trader tax return. No other firm can do this and if you hire them instead of us, you will find yourself jumping over pitfalls without a bridge.

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Trader Tax Center

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