Entity Formation

Now is an excellent time to form a trading entity with trader tax status. You'll gain flexibility on tax treatment elections and it looks much better to the IRS for claiming trader tax status.

Start by reading Entity Solutions in our Trader Tax Center.

Our entity formation service requires a 30-minute paid consultation (purchased separately) to determine if forming an entity is wise for you. If you already had a consultation, just purchase the entity upgrade of your choice below.


BizFilings Online Incorporation Service

We are a paid affiliate of bizfilings.com and use their service for forming LLCs and corporations in all states. We don’t need an online incorporation service for forming general partnerships.  We use their service during our meetings and the client pays the cost directly by credit card.

Outside Attorney Service (purchase here)

Our outside attorney Nava Listokin, JD helps with the following:

  • Corporations and LLCs: online application for EIN; guidance on local applicable laws pertaining to tax registration; for corporations: customized standard by-laws, minutes of first shareholder meeting and resolutions; for LLCs: customized standard operating agreement and resolutions for those electing or considering S-corp. status and preparation of state and federal S-corp. election.
  • Partnerships: name check, guidance on local applicable law on fictitious business names (FBNs), online application for EIN, guidance on local applicable law pertaining to tax registration, customized standard partnership agreement and resolutions.
  • Disclaimer: Our outside attorneys and BizFilings advise clients throughout the U.S. Some issues vary by state, county, city and town jurisdiction. Consider getting local attorney advice for compliance when appropriate. There are other issues to consider like local property taxes, too.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@greencompany.com or call us.

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Managing Members Robert A. Green, CPA and Darren L. Neuschwander, CPA